My Story

We can't change the world around us, we cannot prevent things from happening, we can't change other people - but we can change the way we relate to these things. By allowing things to be as they are moment by moment we can, with practice, start to gain some space between what happens and our reactivity to them, and this can open up a whole new way of being...
Tor Walmsley

Tor Walmsley, Mindfulness tutor
I came across Mindfulness in 2007, towards the end of what had been the worst time in my life. I had been suffering with depression, emotional distress, and anxiety, becoming housebound at one point.

A book by John Teasdale Jon Kabat -Zinn, Mark Williams and Zindel Segal was recommended to me by a mental health professional; it's called "The Mindful Way through Depression" and takes you through an 8 week course in 'Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction'. By the end of reading the book and using the accompanying CDs, something started to shift. The drama and the fog started to clear, the mental chatter ceased a little and I began to function, once again, as a healthy, thriving human being.

I continue to practice daily and a number of years ago I decided to set about training to teach so I could share this wonderful practice with others. I train regularly and attend MBSR conferences annually in order to be the best teacher I can be. Mindfulness gave me my life back and in doing so gave me back to my family.

This could be the start of a journey which could uncover the real you, bring about some level of calmness and unleash your potential true happiness.

I began my personal practice in 2007 and began training to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in 2012. I successfully attended my Teacher Training Level 1 at Triganos through Bangor University, and I study, attend up to date training and read Mindfulness literature frequently.

I attend annual retreats and receive regular supervision through Bangor University which means I continue to train and teach in accordance with the UK Good Practice Guidelines. You can find me on the list of UK recognised MBSR teachers.
I keep up to date with Neuro science studies and what's hot and new by attending the annual conference through Bangor University.

In September 2016 I became qualified to teach . b Foundations , which is specifically for teachers and adults working with children - check out the MISP website :
In August 2017 I became qualified to teach . b, which is specifically for children aged 11-18 year olds

This year , 2017, I have taken on a training pathway with Oxford and Bangor Universities at the Oxford Centre for Mindfulness in a series of Masterclasses specialising in the workplace, I am truly excited by this as it is an area in which I teach frequently and I consider there is a huge need for support in this field.

"I will maintain my promise to keep up with my daily practice and Continuing Professional Development so I can be the best I can, in order to teach others"