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about me

I came across Mindfulness in 2007, towards the end of what had been the worst time in my life. I had been suffering with depression, emotional distress, and anxiety, becoming housebound at one point.

A book by John Teasdale Jon Kabat -Zinn, Mark Williams and Zindel Segal was recommended to me by a mental health professional; it's called "The Mindful Way through Depression" and takes you through an 8 week course in 'Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction'. By the end of reading the book and using the accompanying CDs, something started to shift. The drama and the fog started to clear, the mental chatter ceased a little and I began to function, once again, as a healthy, thriving human being.

I continue to practice daily and Mindfulness really has become my default mode and is part of my everyday life, it enhances my well- being, I have great quality deep sleep and really flourish in everyday life .. Like anybody else I do face challenges of day to day life but thanks to the practice I bounce back and make wise choices which add to the richness of life itself .. simplifying it in many ways ..

Mindfulness gave me my life back and in doing so gave me back to my family.

MSc, Mindfulness Based Approaches

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