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Here's some of my clients and what they have to say about how mindfulness has helped them

“Tor Walmsley brings a warmth and devotion to her clients. As an expert in MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) she is expert in helping beginners learn the basics of mindfulness all the way to helping those who have a mindful practice. Tor is a friend of The Body Shop and we have used her skills to help further develop our culture of wellbeing, specifically helping to introduce mindful practice to our collective of retail and office staff. She has a soothing and calming voice, is a great co-creator and always a ‘fan favourite’ inside our organization. I recommend Tor.” – Nathan Andres, People Director Asia-Pacific & Global Wellbeing Leader



" For years I had been haunted by my past. I can now accept that it was the past and no longer needs to shape my future, I am able to enjoy each day and continue to be amazed by how much I have changed, I wish I had done the course years ago"Freedom Leisure employee

"It made me realise how much enjoyment I get out of the small things in life"

" I feel much more at peace with myself, I have accepted my life as it is- I feel that I am a kinder person. The course has been like a comfort blanket to me"


"Tor's approach to introducing Mindfulness in our fast paced 'today' world is the sanctuary that so many people crave. Her style of teaching is relaxed and laid back but focussed and structured at the same time. There is absolutely no pressure, question or judgement on how much home practice each individual undertakes.She has given me the skills to 'be in the moment' and remember the importance of 'me' time. I would recommend Mindfulness to anyone."

"I'm very fortunate to have been able to attend Mindfulness sessions within my workplace. My role, although enjoyable, can at times be demanding, and the environment hectic. So to have taken time out and practice mindfulness has been so very beneficial, to mind and body. Enabling me to return to my work with renewed vigour."Butlins employee


"Tor, the best thing for me was I could see the change in me, I feel more focused in my life more in control, in a good way. The thing I was most aware of, as you are aware, I was taken into hospital as an emergency for a Gall Bladder operation and I could not believe how calm I was. I show my emotions and normally I would have been in tears and so stressed, but not on this occasion and when my husband got stressed it was me that said calm down."


"As a consequence of the mindful practice I know I am a better Mummy. I am not a super Mummy but I am one that is less reactive to dramas and stops to consider what is really going on here. Together, me and my daughter ask 'how is that making us feel' and 'is it really important'? But best of all... We really focus on exactly what we're doing in that moment together. We seem to have more fun and are able to go back and remember those moments later on in the day rather than just moving onto the next thing."Bourne Leisure

"One of the best courses I have ever been on during a long career. Tor entwines together a very professional presentation with a calm and friendly person. I have been given some useful tools and techniques to use in my professional and personal life. Aldingbourne Trust

SHIBASHI (Mindful Movement)

"Once a week I get to escape the chaos and enjoy this shibashi class  to strengthen my body and soul, where we  move to gentle music and put our minds in a space that gives you peace and mindfulness. It is run by a very kind, gentle lady called Tor x"

"I walk out of my Shibashi class emotionally calm. It introduces mindfulness through slow movements promoting mind and body health. I absolutely love it!"
Debra Richards

"Shibashi mindful movements promote absolute relaxation and a complete feeling of calm and wellbeing in an otherwise hectic  world.  I highly recommend, give it a go, you deserve it!"

"I have never been able to meditate and I have trouble relaxing, I lose limbs during the body scan meditation, my mind races and concentration goes out the window, but there is something about this class that pulls me to attend.  It's an hour of calm in a world of chaos. You have nothing to lose by giving it a go."

"Engaging in this practice as a group creates a supportive, safe, positive environment.
I find the graceful calm movements of Shibashi enables me to connect with my inner peace and environmental positive energies."

"I had never heard of Shibashi before but when I found out there was a class close by and the word mindfulness was used I thought I'd give it a go. I liked Tor the moment I met her and her classes are wonderfully relaxing. She starts with a meditative exercise done sitting on a chair. The rest of the class is following her through a series of movements which heighten your senses. That is my experience anyway. I feel very serene  afterwards and somehow refreshed. It doesn't involve difficult postures and is great for those of us that are in our latter years. I would recommend others try it. X"




"An hour of pure relaxation and bliss, listening and relaxing to different sounds which promote a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

My headache completely disappeared"

I highly recommend you give this a try with Al & Tor.


I attended a sound bath run by Tor and Alan this week. We were made to feel very welcome in a warm and uplifting environment. The sounds reach parts of your inner self that is difficult to describe. I experienced a deep calm feeling which was extremely pleasant and satisfied my need to calm down and relax. Well worth a try.


What a wonderful way to be guided through a passing hour… Alan and Tor have created a very special soundscape with the use of some fantastic acoustic instruments and all the magic clouds of overtones they produce….calming and meditative.

Thank you for a different and special experience… 🙏💙


Message: I attended my first soundbath session today with Tor & Al,  I wasn’t sure what to expect, I absolutely loved it!!  

There is this movement inside of you that starts to keep pace with the sounds and as the session progresses you feel yourself relaxing & letting go of crazy issues and an overwhelming feeling of peace. I can't express enough how cathartic this session was for me, I floated out of the room, and I felt amazing for days after.  Better than any massage that I have experienced.  Can’t wait for my next session this weekend.


Video Testimonials

Charlotte Bird - Butlins


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